Why I'm Running

Detroit once had a population of 1.85 million residents. Our city was the place to be, attracting new residents from all around Michigan and all around the United States. It was the 4th largest city in the country, as well as a world-class city. Now, it has become a city that some politicians rooted for to go into bankruptcy, while others have openly insulted by calling it “a hellhole.”

I’ve lived in Detroit all my life. In 38 years, I’ve never lost faith in this city. I’ve believed in Detroit because I’ve seen the grit and determination of our dedicated residents firsthand. Residents like Detroit 300 who volunteered to patrol our streets and protect the innocent from violence. Residents like the volunteers throughout the city who have given their free time to board up abandoned buildings so they don’t become havens for crime and violence. Residents like the Greening of Detroit project, who are hard at work improving quality of life for all residents by creating green spaces out of the enormous amount of vacant land in our city. Many Detroiters from all walks of life have been ready, willing, and able to do their part to restore, rebuild, and reclaim our city from the jaws of crime, blight, and neglect. As we move forward, I’m confident that, with the right leadership and vision, a fully rebuilt Detroit will be even better than Detroit in its prime.

But to see Detroit thrive like a know that it can, we need leadership in Lansing that is willing to do what is necessary for the people that elected them. I've watched as Lansing politicians have bickered and fought, stubbornly ignoring the many problems that we face. I've seen state government poison a city through mismanagement and neglect, and I've seen it allow jobs and residents flee the state for the same reasons. I've driven on our pock-marked roads and suffered expensive auto repair bills like many other Michigan drivers, and I've sat frustrated as our elected officials continue to tell us that the "conversation is just beginning" while Michigan residents pay twice the national rate for auto insurance and Detroiters pay monumentally more than that.


I'm running to actually accomplish something for the residents of Detroit and of Michigan. I'm running because Detroiters needs a truly progressive representative in Lansing that will fight for them, focusing on what will make their lives better rather than what will appease special interests or make reelection easier. Detroiters need leadership that's willing to make the hard choices that ensure their best interests rather than the interests of the elite establishment. That is the type of representative that I will be if you join me and send me to Lansing. 



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